VSR 5.4 


VSR 5.4 allows you to navigate comfortably thanks to its very spun yarn bow worthy of VSR brand. He is the ultimate RIB for coaches.

From 160 € + VAT per day.

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VSR 5.8 R


VSR 5.8 R was designed for the English Sailing Federation with a set of very specific charges that meet all the necessary requirements of a professional coach.

From 180 € + VAT per day.


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VSR F-10 


VSR F-10 is the latest VSR 2014 range. It incorporates all the advantages of his elders and line bottoms of previous boats.

From 150 € + VAT per day.


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Why VSR ?

A VSR combines power and lightness making him the ideal RIB coach, photographer or accompaniment during all regatta !

The boat with its timeless and inevitable line with its wave-piercing bow designed for waves will be perfect for all your interventions during racing and training. Easy to drive, light and quiet are just some of its many advantages at sea.

Choose a VSR is making the choice of reliability !


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Why choose VSR Charter ?

VSR Charter is based on a long experience in coaching and renting VSR and coach boat for several years. Equipped with a big trailer that can take four boats and a smaller seating for up 2 boats, our team can answer all your needs. Located on the Olympic port of Hyeres our company can meet all your needs in record time!


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They rented VSR on VSR Charter, why not you ?

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Don't wait !

Book you rVSR now in few clicks on VSR Charter.com ! Once your coach boat booked, make your bag and go quietly to your next regatta !


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